Welcome to DTX1 Support.
This Is the DTX1 Support website. If you have a question please proceed as follows:
First Step
Check the BATC Forum.
Second Step
Check the FAQ pages.
Third Step
Email support.
The DTX1 board is supplied via. the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) to whom all sales related enquiries should be made. * The purpose of this site is to offer post sales support to BATC customers direct from the DTX1 manufacturer. In order to offer this support we request that you follow the above procedures so that emails are kept to a bare minimum. Over time we expect the BATC Forum, and the FAQ page(s) on this site, to expand sufficiently so as to provide immediate answers to all your questions about the product. Meanwhile please bear with us as we build up this site.

Reading the User Guide
We know how tempting it is to switch things on and start using them without reading the user guide first (we are professional engineers and suffer from the same problem ourselves!) But it could save you (and us) a lot of time and frustration if you would read the manual before using the product and certainly before resorting to emails to ask questions which may well be covered in the user guide.

From time to time we may up issue the user guide; download version 1.2 here.
Instructions for assembling the PCB into the case can be found here.
Firmware upgrades may also be available- download the latest firmware here.
How to fit the second encoder is shown
here and the pin-out of secondary header here
Parts list (BOM) for the TS-Dock PCB is here.

Laurence M0LDZ and Carl M0ICS - The DTX1 Support Team.

P.S. -
For UK and EU sales or delivery enquiries, contact BATC directly here.
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